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M&M Island Cruises provides boat tours and cruises for any event!

Hop Aboard M&M Island Cruises

Whether you're getting married or need a getaway from city life, M&M Island Cruises has options you'll love. A cruise or boat tour can help you and your friends reset so all of you can return to the daily grind feeling refreshed. Our pontoon is the only double-decker boat in the area, and it's spacious and luxurious.

M&M Island Cruises allows you to hop aboard at many hours of the day. You can join us for an early sunrise or evening sunset, as Lake Winnipesaukee is breathtaking at numerous times of the day.

Our Double-Decker Pontoon

The Amenities Are Ideal

We want your time on the lake to feel luxurious and relaxing. That's why M&M Island Cruises has several amenities for your enjoyment. Comfortably seating up to 18 people, our double-decker pontoon has stand-up bathrooms and changing rooms aboard.

Besides that, it also has wine racks, refrigerators, and eight-speaker sound systems, so you and your friends can call this an adventure. We don't just play boring music, either; we let our guests select the playlist — just hook up your phone.

Our Goal

Our founders' daughter passed from diabetes. Nothing seemed to help her quite like her beloved dog. Our goal is to make lives easier for children in similar situations by providing them with the comfort of a therapy dog. That's why some of our money goes toward helping fund service pets for other children with diabetes.

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